Count Drašković Original Ritual From 1775


Ritual is the process of initiation and progression of members through the degrees. This original version of the Drašković’s Rituale® is a simplified version of that same process. While being simplified, none of the original rules, traditions, fundamental principles or symbolism has been diminished because our respect for them is so great that we gladly admit that we are unworthy to introduce even the slightest novelty or change to them. This original ritual from 1775 is included in the initiation process along with other resources and learning materials.

In the OLD SYSTEM THIS TRACING BOARD was used in the first two degrees, but now it is used in the first degree only. It shows the colsed entrance door to Solomons Temple. 7 Stairs represent 7 degrees used thus far, which are now compressed into three. The floor mosaic means that each step of a Mason must be directed in such a way, that he always treads the path of truth and honesty. The two columns J. and B. symbolize the two words of the catechism. The second word is told to the F.C. only, but not to the E.A…

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