Alliance of Grand Sovereign Lodges of United States Of America

Modern Freemasonry has its roots in the traditions of medieval stonemasons and masons who built castles and churches, which makes it one of the oldest secular social and charitable organization in the world.

Integrity, Friendship, Respect, and Charity are four important values that help Freemasons define their course through life. In today’s unpredictable environment, these principles are as relevant as they have been throughout the organization’s history.

The organization’s goal is to empower men over the age of 18 from all stages of life to be the best they can be – it’s about developing character, supporting members as individuals, and acquiring new knowledge, with the aim that the member as an individual could give his maximum in contribution development of society and humanity as a whole.

Mission Statement


We are a unique community of sovereign Freemasons. Compassion and tolerance for all people are central to Freemasonry’s ethical principles. Freemasons do not use their membership in the fraternity to promote a political, religious, or secular agenda, which is strictly prohibited.

We primarily meet digitally, but if possible and if necessary, we organize ritual works and special gatherings for our members. Our purpose is to promote the tradition of Freemasonry through digital tools and to make the maximum contribution to the community in which we live. We encourage our members to be tolerant and respect diversity, as well as to actively fulfill civic and charitable responsibilities. We make time for socializing and networking with one another, forming lifelong friendships and relationships.

Goal and vision

We primarily want to encourage and motivate “good people with a good reputation” to join us from all spheres of life and to grow into self-assured and independent members of society by demonstrating the basics values we stand for – honesty, friendship, respect, and charity – in both personal and professional life.


We want our members to develop within a strong “chain link” that will serve the greater good and establish a positive reputation in local communities and ultimately in society as a whole and be recognized by that.




Membership in the fraternity provides a framework for nurturing one`s character, in accordance with the teachings and principles of the ancient Freemasons.


Freemasonry welcomes people of all faiths and political persuasions and provides a common ground for members to form lasting friendships.


Freemasonry brings people together regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or any other apparent distinctions that might divide us.


Charity is deeply rooted in Freemasonry. It is the focus of our First Degree ceremony and its significance and virtues are the first lessons a newly made Freemason learns.

libertas history


Since 2021, when it was founded, AGSLUS has been working and operating under protection and is a full member of the World Union of Sovereign Lodges – LIBERTAS 5775. On October 22, 1775, the Reformed Freemasonry System LIBERTAS was founded. Also, the Declaration and “Drašković’s Observation” were adopted at the founding assembly, which speak very clearly about freedomequality, and brotherhood.






Although we do meet for certain occasions in physically built “temples” AGSLUS also provides the ability for its members to do the same through specially designed “digital tools” with the same goals and activities. Enabling people to build and deepen relationships with each other, improve and enhance their knowledge and contribute to charitable activities.


The term “Digital Lodge” is an integral part of Digital Freemasonry and represents the digital location where Freemasons from all over the world gather around joint “construction”. The Official Digital Freemasonry Community (ODFC) is the highest organizational form of Digital Freemasonry and is fully decentralized.

join us

how to become a freemason?

Joining Freemasonry has never been easier. Simply fill out this form and an authorized representative will contact you and provide any additional information you need. In addition, we want to note that you can become a full member of digital Freemasonry, without the need to leave the “comfort of your home”. The whole process can be done 100% digitally.



I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone new to this platform. Freemasonry is a self-governing brotherhood made up of honorable men in good standing, of good character and kindness. Freemasonry bridges the gaps that exist in the world, whether they are spiritual, social, intellectual, historical, or local. The fun part is discovering those missing pieces of oneself.

Zoran Vojnic Tunic

Grand Master I Founder and the first president of The World Union of Sovereign Grand Lodges LIBERTAS 5775 I Founder of Digital Freemasonry